☀️ Summer Sale: The World Next Door is 50% off! ☀️

Blue skies and sunshine is upon us! It’s that special time of year when you can brush the dust off those games you’ve been wishlisting, because Summer Sales are in full effect. We know we’ll be picking up a few (okay, more than a few!) titles, and there’s one in particular we’re really hoping you’re able to snag, if you haven’t had the opportunity already. 😉

sale square.jpg

The World Next Door is 50% off on Steam, Nintendo Switch, Itch.io, Humble Bundle, and GoG, so if you’ve been holding back — or you have a friend who you think would enjoy visiting a parallel universe — now’s the time! Remember: we’ve also added a 1v1 versus mode where you can play as your fave Emryns against your friends! It’s a great way to spruce up your spell-casting.

If you’d like more updates on what we’re working on next (it’s a purr-ty awesome game called Cat Lady! 🐱), be sure to check out our main Rose City Games blog, Twitter, and Instagram.

Talk soon!


Will Lewis

Will Lewis is a lifelong lover of games and game making, co-founding Rose City Games in 2015 and founding the Portland Indie Game Squad (a nonprofit organization supporting game development in the Portland area) in 2011. Having run 28 game jams through 2017 and participating in personal game making challenges multiple times a year, he enjoys creating environments and resources that support art and tech creatives while collaborating on projects focused on character and story.