Checking in: v1.2.0 Patch Coming Soon!

Good morning!

Just a quick update regarding our upcoming patch. We’ve cleared Nintendo certification, and while I can’t set a date right now, I can confirm that it’s coming shortly. We were able to hit all of the improvements and bug fixes I listed in a previous post, and the patch will also include a pretty big update that we’ve very excited about… keep an eye out in the coming days for more on that!

Screen Shot 2019-05-10 at 9.54.40 AM.png

We also set up a free demo of the game on Steam (Switch demo coming soon!) So, if you’ve got friends who might like The World Next Door, please let them know they can try-before-they-buy now. ^_^

Thanks for stopping by, and a big shout out to everyone who’s been sending over fan art the past couple of weeks - y’all are amazing.

- Corey