A Visitor’s Cheat Sheet To Emryn Races

One of the most frequently asked questions we’ve received has been about the types of Emryns encountered while exploring Emrys. Is Liza a demon? Is Rainy part merfolk or dragon? And is Horace somehow related to Sans? (Spoiler: we love Undertale, but nope! 😋 )

Emrys is a magical world filled with a variety of inhabitants, and most Emryns identify as one or more of the following major races: Beasts, Demons, Drakes, Elders, and Spirits. Here are some broad descriptions of each type of Emryn that you meet while in Emrys!



Beasts are known for their curiosity, fearlessness, and strength. They’re more in tune with and sensitive to the magical core of Emrys, and will often pick up on shifts in the magic before other types of Emryns. As a result, Beasts are known for their strong (and often accurate) gut feelings. Their magical affinity tends toward Cure and Ember.

Emryns you know: Nana, Ordon



Once feared, Demons have now become celebrated for their cleverness, insight, and way with words. While a common stereotype is that Demons are quick to anger, that isn’t always the case, and many Demons are actually quite sensitive and gentle.

Emryns you know: Ordon, Horace, Lux, Vesper, Liza



Drakes are known for being brave, proud, and fierce. While the traditional expectation is that Drakes who don’t fit this mold are considered weak, we’re happy to share that this viewpoint is shifting to include a wider range of personality traits.

Emryns you know: Rainy, Luca



Not much is known about the Elders. Some Emryn historians speculate they’re the oldest race known to Emrys. They are quite influential due to the fact Elders are considered responsible for the first recorded histories of Emrys. One thing is for certain: this a group shrouded in mystery. It doesn’t help that, as a whole, Elders enjoy being cryptic and mysterious.

Emryns you know: Cornell



Like Beasts, Spirits are known for having a special connection with the magic of Emrys. Considered “otherworldly” -- even by other Emryns -- Spirits are often stereotyped as flighty or disconnected from the realities of daily life.

Emryns you know: Liza, Cerisse, King, Camilla, Noblesse

Hopefully this peek into the variety of Emryns found on the islands of Emrys helped illuminate a little bit more about the folks you already know and love. Again, while this information is presented as more static, most Emryns nowadays are a mix of various races, so most of the folks you meet won’t fit these descriptions exactly. Liza, for example, is both a Demon and a Spirit!

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