Travel Tips: Magic in Emrys

Can you believe it?! There are only four weeks until the portals open and The Festival commences! If you’ve enrolled in the lottery and are awaiting the results, don’t just sit and twiddle your thumbs! You can use this time to continue preparing for your first trip to Emrys.


While there are many similarities between the two worlds, there are a few things you’ll find are quite unfamiliar while you’re there. The biggest of those being magic. In case you forgot: the magical core of Emrys sustains all life there. Emryns are able to also channel the magic coming from the core of Emrys, using it in a variety of ways.

Today, we’ll be detailing the five major forms you’ll see magic take while in Emrys, and if you visit the training yard, you may be able to catch some local duels in action!

Screen Shot 2019-02-27 at 12.21.26 PM.png


Strike: Brute force, plain and simple!

When cast, this magic will find its way directly to it’s target.


Ember: Fire magic that can deal extreme damage from a distance.

Not great for roasting marshmallows.


Shock: Electricity that chains together to stun enemies and deal damage over time.

Can I get a “Watt Watt!”


Void: Feeling sluggish?

Void slows opponents’ movement while dealing damage.


Cure: A healing magic that can restore a health to the caster.

You should still eat your veggies, though.

Rumor has it that Emryns each have their own unique magical abilities that can develop through the use of Essence magic.  Essence is a special type of magic cast when runes are grouped in specific shapes, and these spells combine the abilities of multiple casters for powerful effects!

You may be wondering, “Wait! If I’m a human in Emrys, could I try using magic?” The short answer to that is: Perhaps!


Not all humans have an aptitude for magic, but some find that they’re able to cast a spell or two while in Emrys. If you do find yourself attempting some magic, please make sure you have an Emryn friend nearby to help you in case anything goes awry, but keep in mind: students are still learning best practices for responsible magic!


That’s it for today! Be sure to find us on Twitter at @worldnextdoor_ and let us know what type of spell you’d cast if you could! If you haven’t already gotten your ticket to the lottery for The Festival, wishlist The World Next Door so you can join in as soon as it’s out.

Till next time!


Will Lewis

Will Lewis is a lifelong lover of games and game making, co-founding Rose City Games in 2015 and founding the Portland Indie Game Squad (a nonprofit organization supporting game development in the Portland area) in 2011. Having run 28 game jams through 2017 and participating in personal game making challenges multiple times a year, he enjoys creating environments and resources that support art and tech creatives while collaborating on projects focused on character and story.