Travel Tips: Top 5 Places to Visit In Emrys

In the last installment of our travel tips series, we covered some important safety tips like keeping track of time and avoiding the shrines...but the whole point of visiting Emrys is to enjoy yourself, right? Right! This week, we want to shed some light on things you should check out during your day in Emrys.

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While there are several cities on Emrys you could visit, the one we’ll be highlighting today is Arkeo! Arkeo is an old city, rich with culture and recognized for its historical Academy, but despite its popularity as a portal festival destination, it hasn’t lost it’s small-town charm. We think this is THE place to be during the Festival.

Here are the top five places to see during the Festival!

5)  The Portal


It’ll be hard to miss the portal, since you’ll be walking right through it to get to Emrys. Arkeo was built around this interdimensional gateway, and some of the most important parts of the Festival, like the lottery announcements, happen here.

The portal is quiet (and usually empty) when the Festival isn’t in full swing, but you won’t get to see it like that. During the Festival, this is where the party starts and funnels into the celebration in the Arkeo Market with food, music, and masks galore!

4) Trams


While you’re encouraged to stay within city limits due to the time constraints of the Festival, we still think the trams are worth checking out. Emrys is a series of floating islands connected by this tram system, so getting from island to island will give you some beautiful photo and video ops to keep as souvenirs. Remember, we’d love to see anything you capture while celebrating The Festival -- be sure to tag #PortalFest2019 so we can gush over your pictures!

3) Training Yard


Attached to The Academy (the school of magic in Arkeo) is the Training Yard. For those of you who still need to make sure you keep up on your daily workouts, this is a must-see spot. Emryns typically visit here to practice sports… and magic! If you know some Emryns, perhaps they’ll show you some of what they’ve learned at school.

2) The Academy


Throughout the islands of Emrys, there are schools of magic to make sure younger Emryns grow up using their powers responsibly. In Arkeo, students attend The Academy between the ages of 13 and 19, learning all manner of spells as well as Earth/Emryn history! The vast majority of students live in dorms on campus, although with the accessibility of the tram system, some students choose to commute daily. In between classes you’ll often find groups of students hanging out on the benches of the center quad, reading manga, relaxing, and generally avoiding homework.    

1) The Market


Located down the road from the tram, the Arkeo Market is the main area of celebration, with myriad food, mask, and souvenir stalls that open up just for this special event! The Market features a coffee shop, arcade, and even a pawn shop! During the event, the main shops are closed, giving way to the myriad food, mask, and souvenir stalls that unpack their wares for this special occasion. During the rest of the year, though, local Emryns enjoy this cozy market area, with the cafe and arcade being two favorites for Academy students.

No matter if you choose to spend the Festival relaxing or dancing the day away, wherever you are, we’re sure you’re going to have a blast! Where do you think you’ll spend most of your time? Or will you try to see all the sights Arkeo has to offer before the day is done? Let us know -- we’ve got a Discord you can join to chat with us and other Festival attendees as well as our Twitter (@worldnextdoor_ and @rosecitygames), Instagram, and Facebook.

…but the best way to prep for your travels is to wishlist The World Next Door on Steam!

Talk to you soon!


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