We Made a Comic for NYCC!

Big news!

In partnership with VIZ Media, we created an 18 page comic book for The World Next Door! We’re bringing a ton of them to New York Comic Con next week, along with a demo of the game at the VIZ booth.


Written by S.A. Farnham, Illustrated by Zack Sterling, and with lettering by Aubrey Aiese, The World Next Door comic acts as a preclude to the upcoming video game. Join Jun as she enters Emrys for the first time, meets up with Liza and her friends, and kicks off the events of the rest of The World Next Door story!

There is a limited quantity available for NYCC! If you want to get your hands on one of these, swing by the VIZ booth (booth #1336) and play our newest demo! This has been such a labor of love, and we’re very excited to share this comic with you all!

-The World Next Door Team