Let's Catch Up!

We've all been heads down, working on The World Next Door's Alpha build, and we wanted to a moment to catch everyone up on some of the exciting stuff we've been doing in the last few months!


If you were in Portland for Tech Fest Northwest you may have caught us showcasing The World Next Door at the opening night party! We got to share the space with talented local game devs + friends all as part of Portland Indie Game Squad. (In addition to showing off the game, Corey and I also ate a lot of free sushi that night...)

Shortly after, Design Week Portland was upon us, which meant that PIGSquad's biggest party of the year, Drink N' Draw, was rounding out the week!


Every year Drink N' Draw brings together the artists and designers attending DWP and the creatives of the local game dev community for a night of playing games and drawing fan art! The World Next Door was accepted as one of the juried exhibitors that evening, so we got to hang out with 600 game devs and artists that evening!

Corey was giving out VIZ swag to anyone who was interested in drawing fan art of our characters, and we were overwhelmed with some of the amazing fan art we received!

Comp 1.gif

In May, the Rose City Games crew took a few days off to visit our game developer friends in Seattle!

FYI we are available to be hired by Valve to give their merch the Price-Is-Right treatment

FYI we are available to be hired by Valve to give their merch the Price-Is-Right treatment

We kicked off our trip at Valve, where we got a tour of their huge, new offices! Several floors, several candy-stocked kitchens, and several life-size-replicas of Portal guns later, we talked about the indie game culture in Portland.


From there, we went to Seattle Indies for their meetup! We hung out with Indie Devs local to Seattle, and we brought The World Next Door on Corey's laptop. Our best reaction to the game that night was "I think I have a crush on Horace??"

unnamed (2).jpg
I sent my brother this photo to make him jealous.

I sent my brother this photo to make him jealous.

Day two we kicked off at Nintendo of America! We met with friends, toured some of their offices, and most importantly, caught some pokemon.

unnamed (1).png

Our final stop was at Wizards of the coast! We saw the most monsters ever present in a single office, geeked out about using some D&D phone apps, and tamed a giant dragon.


June was a big month for us! We were invited to attend the Dreamhack convention in Austin, TX as part of the Best Action-Adventure Game Category in the Indie Zone! Sandra and I packed our bags and our sunscreen.

This 3-day convention, taking place June 1-3, mashed together eSports, streaming, and indie games! Over the course of the weekend we played The World Next door with big crowds of gamers and met a lot of cool streamers. We also spoke with Kotaku, who got a chance to play our game and write about it!

On our second day, we used our allotted 15 minutes on the Indie Stage to host an impromptu The World Next Door Multiplayer Tournament! Huge shout outs to the line of people that waited to participate, and congratulations to our winner who clinched it in the last round and walked away with the VIZ swag bag prize!

Our Air B&B Airstream trailer was not only picture-perfect, but also air-conditioned, and the food in Austin is as good as everyone says it is. Meeting new Indie Dev friends and reconnecting with old ones was such a treat!


This month we were excited to welcome S.A.Farnham to our team!

She is our Writer + Narrative Designer who has worked in comics, poetry, scripts, and will now be bringing The World Next Door characters to life! The branching narrative of the game is being fleshed out using a handy open-source tool called Twine, and her screenshots illustrate just how many dialogue options players are going to have at their disposal!

The second convention we made an appearance at was The Southern-Fried Gaming Expo in Atlanta! Andrew and Ankit are both located in Atlanta, and got to set up our Visual-Novel-Puzzle-Battle game at an expo that featured tons of pinball machines, console machines, tabletop games, and other indies!

Andrew and Ankit weren't done there, though. Our third (and last) convention this month was Terminus in Atlanta! The World Next Door was a finalist for their Golden Joystick Award, and while we didn't walk home with the priciest game controller imaginable, we did have a chance to introduce a lot more players to our game!

As for press, we were featured Gameinformer in print and in a #screenshotsaturday roundup on Hardcore Gamer (did you know we tweet out screenshots of our dev every weekend?)


And finally, our Alpha build is coming along! We've added a lot more stuff since out last build that we're excited to share with you!


We've got a lot of exciting stuff coming up -- and a particularly cool announcement soon! If you want to keep up to date on everything we have going on, make sure to follow The World Next Door on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook! We regularly share all the things we have going on during development!

Till next time!
-Marlowe, and The World Next Door Crew

Will Lewis

Will Lewis is a lifelong lover of games and game making, co-founding Rose City Games in 2015 and founding the Portland Indie Game Squad (a nonprofit organization supporting game development in the Portland area) in 2011. Having run 28 game jams through 2017 and participating in personal game making challenges multiple times a year, he enjoys creating environments and resources that support art and tech creatives while collaborating on projects focused on character and story.